About Us

Stephen Sheffield set up his furniture up-cycling business, Resurface Designs, in 2012 with the aim of looking for forgotten and neglected furniture to turn back into something special again. Stephen sources good quality furniture and fuses it with bright designs to offer as bold and contemporary pieces.

Good quality items of furniture are renovated and updated with playful designs that work in harmony with the piece. The result is a bright and modern contemporary piece, that will last for many more years.

Based in the craft town of Farnham, in the Surrey Hills, the idea behind Resurface Designs’ was more a matter of common sense & principal rather than fervent environmentalism. Stephen is very much a believer that good quality objects have an intrinsic value and sometimes you just need to look at things in a different light, or colour.

Because all of Resurface Design’s work is either bespoke or short run, each piece of furniture is considered individually when Stephen starts to redevelop something.

The nature of sourcing and resurfacing furniture means that each piece will be unique. Stephen’s happy to take on up-cycling commissions, either sourcing furniture for a client or re-inventing a piece that a client owns, preferring to work closely with a client to develop a design & colour palette which will endure.

He renovates what he can and applies his own laser etched laminate designs to what he can’t, creating bright modern pieces that are ready to take centre stage again.

The laminate surface is a very durable surface and in using an industrial laser to etch and cut the surface he achieves an amazingly bold and colourful 21st century style of marquetry enhanced with a beautifully delicate etched detail

Stephen has been a designer/maker since graduating from the Kent Institute of Art & Design in 1996.

Resurface Designs was born when Stephen decided to fuse his skills as an accomplished exhibit and replica maker with his love for mid-century design. He has become familiar with many different processes and approaches to a piece of work in his career and while using laminate has become a bit of a hallmark he also considers various other high-tech & artisan possibilities in detailing and finishing.

When asked what inspires him, there are many answers, nature and natural forms primarily, but also the digitisation of the 3D form. Representing and distorting these forms is something that he is currently exploring.

Resurface Designs source furniture from a number of places, auctions, house clearances, 2nd hand shops, even Ebay. They look for quality and structure and take the old and tired and transform it into the cool & contemporary and while there is a bright modern feel about Stephen’s furniture there is also a distinct flavour of the past because his pieces have already lived one life. They are usually vintage or mid century as the geometry and clean lines of these pieces make them a better fit for this particular process of up-cycling.