Designer dining table (Curatorial)

By Resurface Designs

This table marks something of a sidestep for Resurface Designs. This table has been designed and made from scratch as opposed to resurfaced or upcycled.

We liked the idea of a challenge aswell as a change so we decided to take control over the design and not be bound to an existing shape. The table was designed to fit with the style and bold colour pallet that is typical from Resurface Designs, while being adaptable enough to be produced bigger or smaller depending on requirements.

Initially, the purpose of the table was as a display/dining table. It was to allow us to lay out our most precious items so that they can be admired and scrutinised in a social setting as opposed to hidden away on a shelf. However, the Curatorial table may be just at home in an office or study exhibiting items of significant artistic, scientific or sentimental value.

It is produced from sustainable FSC grade oak from UK forests, with an optional leather trim as depicted here. It features 4 x push-to-open drawers with battery powered internal LED lighting throughout. For the display of specific items, bespoke foam drawer interiors can also be cut and fitted.
The table can be dismantled and reassembled to get around narrow doorways and tricky stairwells
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